• 16-OCT-2013

  • By PwC

Wholesale Approach to Cloud Services Affords Telcos New Opportunities

Is the forecast clear on your wholesale cloud strategy?

New York, 16 Oct 2013 ‑‑ PwC’s latest report on cloud services in the telco industry’ finds that a new ‘wholesale’ method has emerged as a means for them to enter the cloud services business. Previously, growing cloud services via acquisition or developing them in-house were the primary options. 

Pierre-Alain Sur, Global Communications Industry Leader, PwC, said: “Telcos are not receiving the same double digit growth that the global cloud sector is currently experiencing. The global market for cloud services is expected to grow 18% in 2013 to $131 billion and to $244 billion by 2017, which translates to a compound annual growth rate of 17.1%1. That’s a huge opportunity. But if telcos want to enter the cloud services market, they must consider several key factors and manage them strategically if they want to achieve success.”