• 02-MAR-2014

  • By PwC

UK Makes Progress on Women's Labour Market Participation

International Women's Day: PwC Women in Work Index

But still ranks only 18th out of 27 OECD countries according to PwC’s Women in Work Index

London, 3 Mar 2014‑‑PwC research reveals that the UK has made progress in narrowing the gender wage gap and increasing female labour participation, but this progress has not been fast enough as the UK still lags behind many OECD countries when it comes to overall female economic empowerment.

PwC’s second Women in Work Index shows that the UK ranks in 18th position out of 27 OECD countries in the latest analysis based on a measure that combines five key indicators of female economic empowerment: the equality of earnings with men; the proportion of women in work, both in absolute terms and relative to men; the female unemployment rate; and the proportion of women in full-time employment.