• 19-FEB-2014

  • By PwC

PwC Survey Finds Economic Crime Rising Globally, All Business Sectors, Regions Suffer from Impact

Economic crime: A threat to business globally

Nearly 40% of respondents say they are victims of fraud, 25% report cybercrimes

New York, 19 Feb 2014 ‑‑ Economic crime against businesses and other organisations continues to rise around the world. Some 37% of respondents, a 3% rise since 2011, say they have been victims of economic crime, according to PwC's 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey. And, about 25% say they have been victims of cybercrime, as fraudsters increasingly turn to technology as their main crime tool.

PwC’s global survey, the most extensive on the subject, found that theft remains the most common form of economic crime, reported by 69% of respondents.