• 24-FEB-2014

  • New York

PwC Mobile Advertising Survey Shows Targeting Consumers by Interests and Current Location Is Most Acceptable

Consumer Intelligence Series: Mobile Advertising

Majority of Survey Participants Cite Privacy Concerns

U.S. & U.K. Consumers Aligned in Mobile Advertising Preferences; China & Brazil Share Similar Attitudes Regarding Mobile

New York, 24 Feb 2014‑‑The most acceptable way to target consumers for mobile advertising is by interest, then by location, according to Mobile advertising: What do consumers want? A cross-country comparison, the latest publication in PwC’s consumer intelligence series.  The report, which explores insights on customer attitudes and behaviors in the changing media and technology landscape, summarizes findings from a multi-territory survey of 3,800 respondents in Brazil, China, United Kingdom and the United States regarding mobile advertising preferences.