• 15-JUL-2013

  • By PwC

PwC launches revolutionary online pensions analysis platform

Introducing Skyval - PwC launches revolutionary online pensions analysis platform

PwC has launched Skyval, a new pensions risk analytics tool that allows companies and trustees to manage, monitor and take decisions about their pensions issues in a quicker and more informed way.

Skyval models pension scheme assets and liabilities accurately in real time and has been developed exclusively by PwC as part of a joint venture with financial technology company PensionsFirst Analytics. Decision-makers will have direct access to instant information and analysis, only previously available through advisers and then usually out-of-date due to the complex nature of the calculations involved.

Skyval includes real-time access to accounting disclosures, assumptions benchmarking, scheme funding valuations and scenarios; pensions risk management analysis and data on risk transactions; and "what-if" sensitivity-testing. Companies and trustees can access Skyval via their PwC adviser or license the product directly as a web-based software service. This allows companies and trustees to manage their pensions arrangements faster and more effectively, thus tackling a significant area of corporate cost and financial uncertainty, and strengthening corporate governance.