• 30-JAN-2014

  • By PwC

Home Advantage Could See Russia Slide Up the Winter Olympics Medals Table

• PwC study seeks to benchmark Sochi medals tally
• US still set to lead the way
• Too close to call between Germany, Russia, Canada, Austria, Norway

London, 31 Jan 2014‑‑As with the Summer Olympics, home advantage could play a key part in how the Winter Olympics medals are shared out next month – with hosts Russia looking set to capture a record haul.

But the hosts – along with close rivals Germany, Canada, Austria and Norway – will have their work cut out to catch the US team. Further down the table, after their London 2012 Olympics success, the GB team may have to settle for just a couple of medals. And unfortunately the cool Jamaican bobsled team don't even make it into the running.