• 19-NOV-2013

  • By PwC

Globally, Tax Rate Policies Vary As Economies Continue to Reform Tax Compliance Systems

Paying Taxes 2014

Moscow 19 Nov 2013 — Economies around the world are adopting a range of policies as they strive to strike a balance between raising tax revenues and encouraging growth, according to a new report from the World Bank Group and PwC. This year, 14 economies significantly increased their total tax obligations or the amount of tax a case study company has to pay, while 14 others lowered theirs. In most regions around the world, the rate of decline in the total amount the firm has to pay in taxes continues to slow. The study also reveals that since the study was initiated nine years ago, corporate income taxes have consistently fallen, while labour taxes borne by companies have been more stable and now represent the largest component of the total tax obligations.

The Paying Taxes 2014 report found that 32 economies continued to take steps during the period from June 2012 through June 2013 to make it easier to pay taxes. The study of tax regimes in 189 economies, released today, found that for the third consecutive year the most common tax reform was the introduction or improvement of online filing and payment systems for tax compliance.   The compliance burden (the time to comply with tax obligations and the number of payments) has continued to fall in 2012, but the rate of decline has slowed.