• 29-OCT-2013

  • By PwC

Europe's non-performing loans now total more than €1.2 trillion

European Portfolio Advisory Group
  • UK banks top the 2013 non-core loan portfolio transaction table with €13bn deals reported in the year to date
  • Commercial real estate (€15bn) and unsecured retail loans (£10bn) are the most actively traded NPL assets
  • Fresh interest from US and Middle East investors.

London, 29 Oct 2013‑‑European non-performing loans (NPLs) held by banks have increased to €1.2 trillion (up by nearly €100 billion in 12 months) driven mainly by reported increases in Italy, Greece, Spain and Ireland, says PwC in its latest market update published today. PwC tracks the volume of European NPLs and also the market for non performing and distressed lending portfolios that’s grown up around it.