• 21-FEB-2014

  • By PwC

Eastern light continues to shine on metals deals, amidst falling international deals activity

Metals Deals: Forging Ahead
  • Value of M&A deals in Asia Pacific has almost trebled in 2 years
  • But, competitive energy prices will prompt geographical re-balancing
  • Slow growth and continued worldwide production overcapacity sets the tone for 2014 

London, 21 Feb 2014‑‑According to PwC's new report Metals Deals: Forging Ahead, deal numbers fell 30% year on year in a deep double-dip to below the volume recorded in the post-credit crunch year of 2009.

Total deal value fell 24% year on year but the value double-dip was not as pronounced as the volume double-dip. The total 2013 metals deal value of US$34.8bn was much higher than the US$15.1bn low in 2009.

There is good news, however, for metals M&A activity in the Asia Pacific region, which now accounts for 61% of all deal value, compared to only 19% in 2011,