• 21-FEB-2014

  • New York

Contextually Intelligent Mobile Technology Accelerates Focus on Programmable Communications Networks

Mobile Innovations Forecast

Demand for Robust, Seamless Mobile Experience Requires Significant Network Bandwidth, Higher Service Quality, Security and Back End Services  

New York, 21 Feb 2014‑‑As people use increasingly sophisticated, contextually aware mobile devices and services, network providers are faced with greater demands for additional network bandwidth, enhanced service quality, security and other back end services. As such, there is an escalating focus on communications companies to develop programmable networks and infrastructure flexible enough to meet user needs, according to the latest Mobile Innovations Forecast report from PwC.

PwC's Mobile Innovations Forecast (MIF) Phase II, Virtual Context: Connecting Two Worlds article explores how consumer demands for more contextually intelligent mobile devices and services are causing Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to re-evaluate how their networks can become robust enough to handle communications traffic with both high volume and high levels of complexity.