• 15-NOV-2010

  • By PwC

China Expands its Footprint in Global Semiconductor Marketplace, Report PwC

PWC Beijing offices
Throughout the last eight years of ups and downs in the semiconductor industry, the Chinese market has continued to outperform the rest of the world according to a new report from PwC, 'China's impact on the semiconductor industry: 2010 update report'. China continues to dominate electronic manufacturing with an increasing share of the global production of electronic devices. Led by this global domination in electronic manufacturing, and supplemented by increasing domestic consumption by a growing middle class, China continues to grow its share of global consumption of semiconductors. China's fabless sector of its semiconductor industry grew 17% in 2009 to reach a record US$4 billion. The growth of semiconductor production in China has been led primarily by multinational integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) that account for four of the five largest semiconductor enterprises in China. Video available includes soundbites from Raman Chitkara, Global Technology Industry Leader at PwC and general views of PwC's offices in China as well as a PwC logo still.