• 22-MAR-2011

  • By PwC

China Set to Overtake the US and Dominate Global Trade by 2030, Says New PwC Report

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World trade has bounced back following the global economic crisis but in the coming years the trade landscape will undergo fundamental change, as the emerging economies begin to dominate the top sea and air freight routes by 2030, with China overtaking the US and dominating global trade. This is one of the key findings of the latest PwC report into the future of world trade, as it takes an in-depth look at the top 25 sea and air freight routes in 2030. PwC economists use special modelling techniques to project bilateral trade – requiring either sea or air freight – between 29 economies over the next two decades. Global trade suffered a sharp decline in 2009, but has bounced back robustly over the past year, and is estimated to have ended 2010 above its 2008 peak. Available content includes still images and soundbites from Yael Selfin, Head of Macro Consulting, PwC.