• 03-SEP-2010

  • By PwC

'Into a New Era:' Six Strategic Challenges Communications Operators Must Address, According to PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers HQ, London
Communications operators have demonstrated their resilience amidst the recent turmoil by adapting successfully however, the real test is just beginning as the upturn gathers pace says PricewaterhouseCoopers' global communications practice leader, Colin Brereton. In its latest review of the industry, Brereton identifies six key strategic challenges that operators will have to tackle if they are to claim their rightful share of future value in the digital era. The challenges are establishing ownership and understanding of the customer, monetising new services effectively, achieving an economic return from rising data traffic, improving operational simplicity and efficiency, managing regulatory risk and creating value through consolidation. Available material includes soundbites and a still image of Colin Brereton as well as the full quarterly publication and article.