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Question 1) - PwC recently released its 17th Annual Global CEO Survey. How do China CEOs see the global economy and their own growth prospects in 2014? Question 1) - 普华永道最近公布了第17次全球CEO调查报告,你们发现中国的CEO们怎样看2014年全球经济以及他们的盈利展望? Answer 1) - Despite the slower pace of growth in the Chinese economy, China CEOs are more confident about their ability to grow revenues in the next 12 months than they were last year. 48% of the Chinese CEOs we surveyed in PwC's 17th Annual Global CEO Survey said they are 'very confident' of growth in the short-term compared to 40% who said the same thing last year. This optimism continues into the next three years. Answer 1) - 虽然中国经济增速放缓,但受访的中国CEO对未来12个月他们企业收入增长的信心,比去年调查有所增加。在我们第17次全球CEO调查中,48%的受访CEO说他们对企业短期内取得增长表示「非常有信心」,去年调查这个比例只有40%,而这方面的乐观情绪已经是连续第三年。 Besides their own growth prospects, China CEOs are equally as confident about the global economy, more so than last year. Only 6% expect the global economy to decline in 2014 compared to 14% who said the situation will worsen in 2013. 48% believe the global economy will improve this year. 除了他们对自己企业增长感到乐观之外,中国CEO们对全球经济信心比去年更强。48%的受访者认為全球经济2014年会有改善。只有6%的受访者预期全球经济於2014年将会恶化,上次调查有关比例是14%。 This confidence can be seen in their hiring plans. 64% expect to increase their headcount in the coming year, with only 9% saying they are likely to cut their workforce. 这个信心更可见於企业招聘方面,64%受访者预期他们来年要新增职位,只有9%的受访者表示他们可能需要精简人手。 Question 2) What worries China CEOs most? Question 2) 那中国CEO最担忧的是甚麼? Answer 2) China CEOs may be confident about their own growth prospects and the state of the global economy. But that doesn't mean that they can afford to breathe a little easier. Sluggish growth, in both developed and high growth markets are what's keeping them up at night. China CEOs have a valid cause for concern as an increasing number of them have ventured beyond their borders and are invested heavily in foreign markets. Answer 2) 中国CEO可能对自己企业以及全球经济充满信心,但这并不代表他们可以鬆一口气。不论是已发展抑或高增长市场,企业的增长速度未如理想,这就是教他们担心的地方。此外,中国CEO们另一个明显的忧虑,就是他们当中愈来愈多到海外发展,部份甚至在海外市场作出巨大投资。 And like most of their colleagues globally, China CEOs are also worried about the implications of over-regulation. In fact, a slightly higher percentage, 67%, cite this as a potential threat to their companies growth than last year's 60%. 正如他们的全球的业务伙伴,中国CEO们也愈益担心到过度规管所引发的问题。事实上,67%受访者表示过度规管对企业增长的潜在威胁,这个比例比去年调查还要高7个百分点。 High and volatile raw materials prices also weigh heavily on the minds of China CEOs. No surprise there. China’s continued urbanisation and huge construction market means a continuous source of demand for construction-related commodities such as iron ore, copper and cement. And price fluctuations are something that they rather not worry about. 此外,原才料价格高企/波动也是中国CEO们十分关注的问题。中国持续的城镇化,当中涉及大量建筑工程,对有关原才料商品,如铁矿石,铜及水泥的需求将持续。如果原材料价格持续波动,将对企业带来困扰。 Question 3) Where do China CEOs see growth opportunities in 2014? Question 3) 那麼中国CEO认為2014年哪些空间最有增长潜力? In the past, China CEOs would turn to M&As or organic growth to grow their business. This time, they see opportunities in the next 12 months coming from product and service innovation. 43% said this is where they expect growth to be. And encouragingly, 35% have already started or completed the changes they're planning to make their companies more innovative. 过去中国CEO们会考虑以併购或者自身增长方式来实现业务增长。这次,他们认為未来12个月,產品以及服务创新将会是企业增长之所在。43%的受访者认為这是他们未来增长的方式。令人鼓舞的是,企业為了提升创新能力,35%的受访者為已经开始或者完成他们有关方面的变革。 The M&A route is no longer seen as an attractive growth opportunity, with only 7% picking this as a potential growth revenue stream. Instead, more i.e. 22% would prefer to grow their revenues by increasing their share in the existing markets they are in. 反观併购不再是最吸引的增长方式,只有7%受访者认為这是他们企业增长潜力所在。另外,22%受访CEO会认為透过提高已参与市场的份额,有助提升企业收入。
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